At Pelex, we believe that reproductive care should be proactive and not reactive. Infertility and other reproductive disorders are typically a side-effect of easily treatable and diagnosable conditions that aren't often screened for in normal health check-ups.

By introducing women and couples into care earlier and treating them holistically, we can help patients avoid costly treatment options such as IVF.

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At Pelex, we know that many patients and couples with infertility don’t pursue treatment for many reasons, including cost, inconvenience, and burn out. We believe that welcoming patients to care earlier using an affordable and accessible fertility diagnostic testing and treatment decreases lifetime treatment burden and dropout.

Pelex is a Telemedicine-First, full-service fertility practice. By offering unprecedented access to fertility care, we can help you whenever, wherever. That means no need to travel long distances, wait hours in an office, or months to see a specialist. 

Testing and Delivery

All diagnostic testing can be done locally or from an at home test delivered right to your door. Imaging procedures do not need to be done at your fertility specialists’ office or OB/GYN; they can typically be done at a local imaging facility. Medications can be prescribed to your favorite local pharmacy or to a specialty pharmacy and shipped to your door.

End to End Support

Fertility treatment can be stressful enough and coordinating care with other providers can be difficult. We know that treatment can require a multi-disciplinary approach. At Pelex, we have partnered with registered dieticians, clinical pharmacists, endocrinologists and metabolism experts to help our patients.

We want all patients to have accessible resources, treatment options and clinical support no matter where they are in their journey.

Advice you can trust

Our providers have decades of expertise helping patients with reproductive endocrinology and infertility concerns.

Upfront Pricing

Trying to figure out what is included in costs of treatment can be mystifying. We offer a variety of affordable fee-for-service and financing options. We submit claims for you to your insurance company and costs are HSA/FSA eligible. 

How We Work

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