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Our providers will create a customized treatment plan to correct the underlying causes of infertility.

What to plan for

  • A virtual consultation with a fertility expert.

  • A comprehensive review of any previous testing or treatment.

  • A discussion of your fertility goals and options.

  • Receive the same testing to be done at a location near you (e.g. Quest/Lab Corp or at home)

  • Blood work

  • Semen analysis

  • Genetic testing

  • Start treatment

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You do not have to be actively trying to get conceive in order to start treatment with Pelex and we specialize in a number of reproductive conditions such as PCOS, irregular periods, hormone irregularities, and menopause.

*Your insurance may cover most costs associated with treatment. Services can vary and eligibility and benefits are processed at the time of scheduling by a Pelex Team Member.


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