IVF Acronyms and Abbreviations


ADE = anonymous donor eggs or embryos

AF = Aunt Flo (period)

AFC = antral follicle count (# of follicles beginning to grow at start of cycle)

AI = artificial insemination

AMH = anti-Mullerian hormone (blood test estimates ovarian reserve based on AMH level)

AH = assisted hatching (creating hole in shell of embryo)

ARR = arrested (not growing)

ASA = antisperm antibodies

ASP = abnormal sperm parameters

ART = assisted reproductive technologies

ATR = atretic (degenerate)



BCP = birth control pills (OCP)

Beta = blood pregnancy test (for beta hCG level)

BFP = big fat positive

BFN = big fat negative

BL = blastocyst

BW = bloodwork

BX= biopsy



CD = cycle day (which day of your cycle you are on)

CMV = cytomegalovirus



D&C = dilation and curettage (procedure sometimes performed after a miscarriage)

DE = donor egg(s) or embryo(s)

DEG = degenerate (atretic)

DIVF = donor IVF

DOR = diminished ovarian reserve (low amount of eggs in ovaries, typically due to age)

DPO = days past ovulation

DPT = days past transfer

DS = donor sperm

DX = diagnosis



E2 = estradiol (estrogen)

EDC = estimated date of conception

EDD = estimates due date

EB = early blastocyst or expanded blastocyst

ENDO = endometriosis

EPT = early pregnancy test

ER = egg retrieval

ET = embryo transfer



FAB = freeze all blasts (AKA freeze all cycle)

FET = frozen embryo transfer

FSH = follicle stimulating hormone

Frag = fragmentation

FP = forward progression (used for sperm)



GC = gestational carrier (surrogate)

GnRH = gonadotropin releasing hormone (causes release of FSH and LH from brain)

GV = germinal vesicle (immature egg)



HB = hatched blastocyst

hCG = human chorionic gonadotropin (hormone produced by implanted embryo that is detected with pregnancy test)

HgB = hatching blastocyst

HPT = home pregnancy test

HSG = hysterosalpingogram (not to be confused with a hysteroscopy)

HX = history of



ICSI = Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

IF = infertility

IUI = intrauterine insemination

IVF = in vitro fertilization



KDE = known donor egg or embryo

KDS = known donor sperm



LH = leutenizing hormone

LMP = last menstrual period



M1 = immature egg

M2 = mature egg

M = morula

MC = miscarriage

MESA = microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration

MFI = male factor infertility 

MMC = missed miscarriage

mTESE = microTESE



OCP = oral contraceptive pill (birth control)

OHSS = ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

OI = ovulation induction

OPK = ovulation predictor out

OPU = ovum pickup (another name for an egg retrieval)



P4 = progesterone

PCOS = polycystic ovarian syndrome

PGT = preimplantation genetic testing

PGT-A = PGT for aneuploidy (screening test which determines if embryo has correct number of chromosomes)

PGT-M = PGT for monogenic disease (screening test which determines if embryo is affected by or carrier of a specific monogenic or single gene disease)

PGT-SR = PGT for structural rearrangement (screening test which determines if an embryo has a chromosomal misarrangement such as a translocation or inversion)

PI = primary infertility

PID = pelvic inflammatory disease

PIO = progesterone in oil (injection given prior to embryo transfer to help uterine lining thicken)

POC = products of conception

POF = premature ovarian failure (POI)

POI = primary ovarian insufficiency (POF)

PRP = platelet-rich plasma

PUPO = pregnant until proven otherwise



RPL = recurrent pregnancy loss

RX = prescription

RIF = recurrent implantation failure

RBC = red blood cell



SA = semen analysis

SI = secondary infertility

SMBC = single mom by choice

STI = sexually transmitted infection (also known as sexually transmitted disease or STD)



TDI = therapeutic donor insemination

TESA = testicular sperm aspiration

TESE = testicular sperm extraction

TIC = timed intercourse

TSH = thyroid stimulating hormone

TTC = trying to conceive

TW = trigger warning

TWW = two week wait

TX = treatment



US = ultrasound



Vit = freeze (cryopreserve)



WBC = white blood cell count



XB = expanded blastocyst

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