Fertility Consultation

A Fertility Consultation is a comprehensive review of your fertility health, any previous testing, and fertility goals and options with Dr. Wolff.

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30-45 minutes
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Who is this for?

Anyone interested in a reproductive check up. Any fertility journey can start with a basic reproductive evaluation. This is perfect for those who are interested in learning about their fertility. Start a fertility evaluation, discuss fertility options, get a second opinion, or begin treatment.

What to Expect

A review of your health and fertility history 

Dr. Wolff will go over your health history, lifestyle, partner’s sexual health (if applicable), and a review of any previous testing done. 

Baseline fertility testing

If you have already undergone baseline testing, we will review these with you

Depending on the complexity and nature of your fertility journey, Dr. Wolf will order a series of baseline fertility blood tests or ultrasound to evaluate the uterus, ovaries and neighboring tissues to understand any causes of infertility. You can get these tests done at any local lab or outpatient imaging facility. 

Jump-Start your journey

Dr. Wolff will give you customized fertility options to give you  the right tools for the next step in  your fertility journey. 

If indicated, we can get you started on treatment right away and have medications delivered to your door or pharmacy.

We would then be able to closely monitor you and check-in as needed.

*** If you have already ordered Baseline Fertility Testing through Pelex the Pelex fee will be applied towards this consultation

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