IVF Review/2nd Opinion

Dr. Wolff will review your health and reproductive history (and partner if applicable), previous studies/tests, discuss your goals and fertility options. Depending on your unique fertility journey, we may suggest additional tests.

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45 minutes
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An IVF assessment is an extensive review of any lab work, imaging or tests ordered by Dr. Wolff or other providers. We will also review your health and fertility history for an individualized  fertility plan.

Who is this for? 

This is perfect for those who may have already seen fertility specialists and have already  undergone testing for infertility. After your assessment with Dr. Wolff, you may be ready to get started with treatment cycles with Pelex or receive a referral to a fertility center for IUI or IVF.

This can also serve as a second opinion for those looking to make changes or ask questions about their fertility plan.

What to Expect

1. Send us your records

  • We will ask to send over any previous imaging, treatment records or diagnostic testing through our portal.
  • If you are having issues obtaining your records, let us know and we can help.

2. A Review of your health and fertility history

  • A comprehensive review of you and your partners health history, lifestyle, and fertility health. 
  • Review of all previous testing, treatments, procedures and imaging done.

3. Diagnostic testing

  • Depending on the nature and complexity of previous treatments done throughout your fertility journey, Dr. Wolff may request more testing or imaging to be done at a local outpatient center.

4. An individualized fertility plan

  • You will receive a complete and personalized fertility plan.
  • If indicated, you can start some treatment from home and Pelex will prescribe any medications to your local pharmacy or have it delivered to your home.
  • Interested in changing specialists or finding one? Dr. Wolff can send you a personalized referral and introduction.
*If you have already ordered Baseline Fertility Testing through Pelex, the Pelex fee will be applied towards this consultation

*Physician Liaison and Patient Advocate $75/hr : Dr. Wolff can virtually accompany you to your office visit. She can also advocate for you and discuss your current treatment plan with your fertility specialist.