Male Fertility with Posterity Health

Infertility is also hard for men. Facing difficulties conceiving can be a huge disappointment, financial burden, worry for your partner undergoing treatment, and stress on relationships.

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We believe men struggling with infertility deserve more attention, treatment, engagement, and help

Did you know?

  • 60% of men undergoing fertility treatment have anxiety and 30% have depression symptoms
  • An infertility diagnosis doesn’t mean you have to go straight to IVF; identifying issues earlier can afford the chance to optimize fertility attempts at home and minimize cost
  • 50% of couples who don’t conceive after 12 months will get pregnant the next 12 months
  • Sperm counts can be affected for a few months after a fever
  • Men with one slightly low value on a semen analysis are as fertile as men with no abnormalities
  • Men with more than one abnormality (concentration, motility, morphology) are more likely to have infertility
  • A minor procedure to correct varicoceles can improve natural pregnancy rates
  • 35% of couples with infertility have a male factor and a female factor 
  • 10% of couples with infertility have only a male factor
  • You are not alone, Pelex can help

The sooner men are welcomed in the fertility process the better.

If you are ready to start trying to start a family, why suffer with infertility for 12 months before even checking if your swimmers are swimming well?

The loss of a year can mean a decline in success rates if you need fertility treatment down the road.

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Semen Analysis and Baseline Assessment: The first step in assessing male fertility.


This Includes an at-home semen analysis kit and access to the Posterity Health Digital Health Platform(DHP). The Digital Health Platform provides patient education including Fertility 101, recommended lifestyle and behavioral changes, and telehealth connectivity to male fertility specialists.

You’re not just getting results about your fertility, you’re receiving expert information on male fertility issues in an easy, convenient, and reliable way.

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Fertility Services and Treatments for Men: 

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (Sperm)

Numerous factors may contribute to RPL, such as hormonal issues, egg quality or uterine lining. Sperm quality can also be a contributing factor for RPL. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) Consult is for couples who have suffered at least two miscarriages or had one failed IVF cycle.

Second Opinions

For males with fertility issues who’ve been diagnosed or treated and want a second opinion.  

Fertility Preservation

For people who want to determine if they should freeze their sperm prior to cancer treatment, vasectomy, gender affirmation or simply want to get ahead of sperm deterioration associated with aging.


About 10% of males experiencing infertility require surgical care. Posterity Health physicians perform all the fertility specific procedures including a Percutaneous surgical sperm retrieval for IVF (PESA or TESE), Testicular Microdissection, Vasectomy Reversal, Varicocele and Bilateral Varicocele repairs.